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for the ballpark. the redevelopment agency just before the government dissolves the department. >> they just have a's or city lease it back. >> during a meeting the a's owner laid out his face for the aren't team needs to move south to survive. >> our zbol hopefully to come to the one site that we have discovered, the thing that we can relocate in downtown san jose. >> the mayor defends transfer asks vows the city will secure the land for a paul bark. >> all clear tonight. golden gate park after a hand grenade was found this afternoon. >> a man using a metal detector found what appears to be an old explosive near mallard lake near martin luther king drive. it's no more and no longer a threat. >> employees are asking for help to identify a man who assaulted a woman then tried to kidnap her. police say a man that looks like this attacked a woman the man described as five 10, 200 pounds grabbed a woman ask tried to choke her, she escaped and ran to a parking lot chased by at tacker. -- attacker. >> one of the controversial gun control bills introduced in california earning high praise from city leader
benefits to sex couples. >> when bell lel kt federal government deny benefits that would be available to heterosexual couples? >> a majority of couples believe same-sex couples should allowed to wed but 31 states restrict or ban same-sex marriage. outside of the court, activists on both sides are already camped out. >> i thop a traditional sexuality of man, woman in marriage. >> prop 8 passed it was hurtful to me and a lot of other californians. >> court could decide whether the constitution grants gays and lesbians rights to marry or the issue should be left up to the state. both cases will be decided in june. >> marriage equality advocates are planning on hr making their voices heard. they will be gathering soon at 7:00 the group will march to city hall. now, abc 7 news will be in washington, d.c. covering it for us. she'll be sitting in the court as the supreme court considers proposition 8. the live reports begin tomorrow here on abc 7. >> some bad news two people died when a truck flipped upside dmun a ditch this morning. chp says the man and 56-year-old woman were driving east n
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2